Finding the most suitable course offer from millions of options within seconds

A user-centric platform with an optimized database, dynamic search, and automated translations.



Navigating the labyrinth of possibilities proved time-consuming and frustrating, leading to a pressing need for an innovative digital solution that would streamline the process of searching, filtering and suggesting courses. The objective was to enhance both the efficiency of counselling as well as the accuracy of course recommendations and empower candidates to make informed choices aligned with their aspirations.


We conceptualized and implemented a comprehensive search and support platform solution that revolutionized the counselling approach. With a user-friendly interface we revamped the course search functionality.

Data Optimization

Implementing effective data cleaning methods ensured the elimination of outdated information, guaranteeing the accuracy of the course overview.

Search and Filter Mechanisms

The introduction of robust search mechanisms empowered users with the ability to pinpoint tailored course recommendations swiftly. To further enhance the user experience, we incorporated diverse filter options, enabling counsellors to refine their searches based on specific criteria.

Automated translations

Taking into consideration the international counselling team and the diverse linguistic landscape of candidates, automated translations were seamlessly integrated, breaking down language barriers and ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.


In the bustling landscape of international education, an agency facilitating educational opportunities for individuals arriving in Germany encountered a massive challenge. With millions of available course options, prospective candidates looking for courses and relying on educational vouchers provided by German Jobcenters found themselves struggling with an overwhelming array of options. The client's counselling process faced significant inefficiencies, impeding the seamless provision of guidance to candidates. The complex task of sorting through an extensive database of courses to identify suitable options was overwhelming. The course search results often yielded poor-quality outcomes and a substantial portion of the data proved outdated, limiting the counsellors ability to offer tailored recommendations.


Research & Analysis
Product Strategy
User Experience and Interface Design
Platform Development
Technical Architecture
API Integration
Search Algorithms
Process Automation
Development & Testing
Operations & Maintenance


The implementation of the more comprehensive search and support platform yielded significant improvement for the experience of course counsellors and candidates. It resulted in a streamlined process that consumed considerably less time, improved search and recommendation outcomes, streamlined filtering processes, and fostered better communication.

  • With the automated data optimization, the need for extensive manual data verification was significantly reduced.
  • The revamped course search functionality generated more accurate results and facilitated easier filtering. Counsellors were empowered to provide faster and higher-quality recommendations, enhancing the overall efficiency of processes.
  • The introduction of automated translations fostered a better understanding among the diverse pool of candidates and ensured accessibility for counsellors by breaking down language barriers.
  • The reduction in manual copy-pasting of information increased operational efficiency and elevated the quality of data presented, contributing to an enriched educational support experience for candidates.

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