How to embed solutions into my team and business?
What is the right product for my target group?
Which technology setup
should I use?
Is there a user-centric way to make our processes efficient?

Let’s bring strategic clarity
to your digital projects!

Before you spend valuable time and resources on implementation, we put on the strategic glasses together to provide orientation and make the right decisions.

Our flexible consulting set-up is designed for speed and high impact. We use short strategic phases supporting you to identify the most effective approaches to leverage technologies and build on the right solutions.

The result are hands-on concepts and concrete roadmaps you can use to start implementation immediately with a concise plan.

How do we support you?

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You will be equipped to hit the start running


Documentation with hands-on advice


Implementation steps and personal sparring


Recommendations for embedding in existing structures


Tangible outcomes that lead to direct optimization

Meet our experts

Our experts support you to define your strategic direction in 3 main areas

Vision & Strategy

Identify which goals and solutions make sense from a business and customer perspective.

Vision Workshops
Digital Transformation Strategy
Innovation Strategy
Technology Trends Analysis
Business Model Development
IoT Solutions
Tech Solutions Market Analysis
Customer Analysis
Customer Strategy
UX Strategy
Brand Strategy
Go-to-Market Strategy
Marketing Strategy
What you can expect
In interactive workshops and with engaging exercises we will define a clear vision for a successful future of your organization in the digital and sustainable era together. You will gain new perspectives and innovative ideas.
Our experienced analysts will examine your current digital landscape to define a clear digital strategy and roadmap aligned with your business goals. We will identify market opportunities and give orientation to navigate disruptions and achieve sustainable transformation.
Together we identify untapped market needs and product opportunities to unlock the innovation potential of your organization. Our experts support you to prioritize and establish innovative initiatives, agile processes and a courageous culture of experimentation.
We explore emerging technologies and associated market disruptions to provide you with actionable insights on how to profit from them. You will gain knowledge and foresight to leverage cutting-edge technologies and make informed investment decisions.
We analyze market dynamics, customer needs and industry trends. The results will be used to elaborate innovative and sustainable business models to reimagine core business strategies, seize new revenue streams, optimize operations.
IoT solutions securely bring things such as machines or devices into the cloud and connect them with impactful business applications to create new digital services. Thereby, you keep an overview of your assets and can open up new sources of income.
Our analysts evaluate the technology landscape relevant to your specific industry, market, business goal or customer needs. We will assess market trends, competition as well as tech solutions and compare the with your requirements and user demands.
By means of data-driven analytics and user research we gain valuable insights and derive actionable recommendations to tailor your offerings, improve customer engagement, enhance user experiences and foster long-lasting relationships. You will gain an in-depth understanding of your target audience, their behaviors, preferences, expectations and pain points.
Our experiences experts will elaborate strategic approaches to effective customer segmentation and targeting together with you to leverage customer insights and market trends. This will contribute to enhancing customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, maximizing customer lifetime value and creating customized experiences.
We will evaluate the current user experience, conduct user tests, usability assessments, user journey mapping and validate UX concepts. Our experts will define user-centered design principles, including persona development, information architecture, interaction and visual design together with you.
Our advisors will elaborate a customized brand strategy to support you with establishing a strong and differentiating brand identity tailored at your target audience and market. We will jointly develop impactful brand messaging, an appealing visual identity and an immersive brand experience across (digital) channels and touchpoints.
A tailored strategy will empower you to launch products or services successfully including a comprehensive market analysis and competitive landscape assessment. We will define your target markets, USP, value propositions and develop effective marketing and sales strategies for your market entry.
With a comprehensive analysis of target audience, market trends and competitor landscape we support you with effective targeting and positioning. Our experts will develop a data-driven marketing campaign concepts and recommendations for the optimization of digital marketing channels.

Infrastructure & Technology

Find out which technology, infrastructure and data is needed to realize your business & impact goals.

Digital Infrastructure Strategy & Integration
Development Strategy
Data Analysis Strategy
Cloud Migration
Product Strategy
Product Launch and Embedding
What you can expect
By means of a streamlined assessment and optimization of your digital infrastructure you will be empowered to enhance operational efficiency and scalability. Our experts give guidance on integrating and leveraging digital systems, tools and platforms, cloud-based solutions and cybersecurity measures for seamless data flows and improved business processes.
Our tech team conducts an assessment of your existing technology infrastructures, systems, applications and development processes to identify areas for improvement and growth. We will guide you on prioritizing, selecting, implementing and optimizing technology solutions taking into consideration seamless integration and interoperability.
Our experts support you to define approaches to extract actionable insights from complex datasets. This will enable you to drive data-informed decision-making and enhance performance. Together we will identify suitable techniques and tools for data collection, aggregation, cleansing, analysis and visualization to uncover trends, patterns and correlations, effectively communicate findings and ensure data quality.
An in-depth assessment of your existing infrastructure, applications and data will be the basis to develop a customized cloud migration strategy. We will give guidance in planning, seamlessly executing and optimizing your migration process for enhanced scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency.
Together with our experts you will assess user needs, personas and journeys to derive suitable product goals, positioning and strategies for your successful product launches. This will include product roadmapping with timelines, prioritizations of key functionalities and sequencing of feature development and releases oriented at user needs, market demand, and your business goals.
We will develop a product launch strategy including distribution strategies, positioning and marketing campaign concepts to support you with reaching your target audience effectively and ensure a successful market entry. Our experts assist in embedding the product within your organization, driving adoption and giving post-launch support.

Organisation & Methods

Define how your organization is structured and works to make change happen & achieve your goals.

Change Management
Lean Product Development
Building and Managing Agile Teams
Process Mining / Optimization
Methodology / Tools Workshops & Trainings
Digital Security & Data Protection
What you can expect
Our experts support you to assess change readiness, identify skill and knowledge gaps and address the impact of new technologies and digital transformation on your people, processes and organizational culture. We will jointly develop a change implementation plan with timelines, milestones, communication, training, engagement and support programs to minimize resistance and enable your employees to smoothly adopt new technologies, processes or ways of working.
We will support you with adopting lean principles such as rapid prototyping, iterative development, continuous customer feedback and improvement to apply customer-centricity and enhance your product development efficiency. You can expect guidance on building cross-functional teams and establishing fast collaborative decision-making principles.
Our team provides you sparring in building high-performing, cross-functional agile teams and fostering a culture of flexibility to drive your digital transformation and innovation initiatives. We create tailored strategies for team formation, collaboration and leadership practices to achieve adaptability, continuous improvement and successful project delivery.
With an in-depth analysis of existing business processes using process mining techniques we will identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and options for improvement. This will facilitate the  optimization of processes by streamlining workflows, automating manual tasks and reducing process complexities to improve operations and productivity.
In customized workshops and trainings we will equip your teams with methodologies and tools for lean and agile development processes and team management. We will share our knowledge, skills and experiences in hands-on interactive sessions with real-world case studies showcasing best practices and lessons learned.
Our tech team will assess digital security risks and vulnerabilities within your organization's infrastructure, systems and processes and recommends data protection measures such as encryption, access controls, cybersecurity protocols, threat detection and incident response planning. We will elaborate data governance practices to ensure data privacy, security and compliance with relevant regulations.

What's next when your strategy is clear?


The result of your strategic considerations is to experiment with a new technology?

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Your strategy phase led to the decision to develop or optimize your digital solution?

We help you build it!

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