Nua Studios Office Munich

We support people in using technology wisely

We have come together as a team to question the existing.

We care about people and their environments.

We strongly believe in honest, transparent and authentic relationships.

And we are especially passionate about projects, that focus on social and ecological change.

We create next level digital experiences

We are a full-service digital Studio

As reliable partners to our clients, we elaborate new ideas and build innovative solutions together since 2010.

For each client we develop individual solutions based on their specific needs and user requirements.

People and their qualities are at the centre of our work. We don't have any magic powers, but we are pretty good at listening, observing and asking questions.

And this is where the journey begins...

Our team works agile, efficient and human-centric

We are an interdisciplinary team with background in strategy, design, development, marketing and psychology.

To create delightful experiences we focus on user needs, creativity and collaboration.

We like to form small teams with flat organisation to work efficiently, transparently and human-centric.

As a fully remote team we work with international clients

Our team works fully remote, which enables us to offer our services anywhere. Many of our recent client projects are for example located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For workshops and during intense project phases, we of course visit our clients onsite.

We speak English, German, French, Arabic and Ukrainian.

Hello and welcome!

Wie geht’s dir heute?

Qu'est-ce que tu fais aujourd'hui ?

هل ترغب في بدء مشروع جديد

Як ми можемо вам допомогти?

No matter if large or small, short- or long-term — we have you covered

We are experienced in the collaboration with small, medium-sized as well as large organizations and work with impactful nonprofits, ambitious startups and innovative corporates.

Often we engage in long-term projects or even become part of our clients' teams. But we also enjoy realizing short term projects with you.

At the heart of our work we follow certain principles

We rely on a human-centered approach putting the expectations of our clients and end-users at the center of everything we do. We understand the unique challenges of each client and create customized solutions that truly meet their needs.


We work in the fastest, most agile and lean way possible while maintaining high quality. Our team quickly identifies and manages arising challenges resulting in productive and successful outcomes for our clients.


We come up with innovative, visionary ideas and are dedicated to creating beautiful, impactful and distinctive designs. We bring a unique and imaginative approach to every project, delivering results that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective.


We are committed to taking responsibility and being trustworthy to give our clients peace of mind. We can be counted on to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.


We are able to quickly change course and adapt to new situations, respond effectively to changes in user needs, technology and the market in a rapidly evolving digital environment.


We find the most effective and pragmatic solutions for our clients prioritizing ease of management and maintenance. We ensure that all projects, products and processes run smoothly and with maximum efficiency.



For our projects we leverage a large array of services and capabilities

Nua Solutions

With efficient teams and cutting-edge product development methods we build innovative individual solutions based on client visions and user needs.

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Nua Consulting

Our consultants support you to identify, validate, and pursue innovative ideas, effective digital product strategies and impactful digital business models.

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Nua Labs

You want to explore new technologies or find innovative solutions to your requirements? In our Labs we prototype, build and craft hands-on ideas and products.

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