How we setup easy digital access methods for shared rooms and buildings

From tedious to trivial: Using digital locking systems to achieve a seamless check-in and check-out process for users of shared resources.


Booking shared resources such as a meeting room on the Klink platform is easy, but accessing it was often a tedious process. The user had to get the keys and return them, sometimes even having to call the resource managers. Resource managers had to be on site and schedule meetups with users. In addition, keys were often lost and locks needed to be exchanged.


To get rid of these mindless routines, the mission was clear: creating a seamless integration of a digital locking system into Klink which allows users to check-in and check-out themselves.


In collaboration with the team of iLOQ locking systems we managed to integrate their locking devices into the Klink booking process. Together with the Klink users - both on the resource management and the resource user side - we derived a UX flow, that fits everyone’s needs. This is how it works:

Install iLOQ locking device(s) …

First resource mangers install iLOQ locking devices in all of the doors that are needed to access the shared offices, meeting rooms, apartments or other shared resources. The devices are wirelessly connected to the iLOQ API. Then they create groups of locks in the iLOQ digital management dashboard for every resource.

connect it to Klink and …

After inserting basic access information, Klink automatically shows the different locking groups and allows to connect them to Klink resources.

… done!

As easy as that, the entire booking process, including every step and most importantly every edge case is automatically projected onto the iLOQ API.


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  • No more searching for keys, exchanging locks and unnecessary phone calls. Resource managers even don’t need to be on site anymore. If a booking is approved, the user receives an email with the approval and access code. If it is cancelled, the payment did not go through or anything else doesn’t happen as expected, the access is automatically revoked. At every step both the user and the manager stay informed.

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