Matching thousands of people and locations with a smart map solution for Acker

Development of a matching platform to find suitable volunteers for about 2.000 education locations.


Acker e.V. is an association that campaigns for "More appreciation for nature and food". Here are a few words about their mission: "We are changing society. Our programs for children and adults have a lasting impact. They change the world we live in. And the people who take part in them."


The mission was to design and develop a user-friendly solution that facilitates finding suitable volunteers for all of the 2.000 education locations easily and reduce internal resources required for the matching process.


Based on the input and feedback of key users managing the process of finding volunteers for the education locations, we built a matching platform. The tool displays all volunteers and education locations in one map and listing, enables filtering the data and showing volunteers in an adjustable radius around the education location to quickly find the most suitable person.

Pins on the map

Based on different colors and types of pins on the map, the users can easily identify what kind of map entry it is and which status it currently has.

Information about entries

By clicking on an entry on the map or in the listing, the user can view details about the person or location that are sourced from the CRM database the client is using. They can also directly navigate to the CRM entry of the location or person.

Filtering entries

The filter offers the option to show and hide locations and volunteers on the map based on certain criteria - for example specific education programs they are assorted to or the lead status they have.

Finding volunteers

When the user has selected a location on the map to match with a volunteer, all volunteers in a radius selected by the user are shown on a map and in a search results list.


Our client Acker e.V. is coordinating around 2.000 education locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For theses locations, they have to find volunteers every year, that live nearby and bring the necessary skills as well as capacity to support education programs with students at these locations. Handling this process with different tools and databases took a lot of effort and was a time-consuming task.


Strategy & Consulting
Project & Product Management
User Interface & Media Design
User Experience Design
Software Development


The matching platform provides a helpful tool, that significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of matching thousands of education locations with volunteers every year. The usage of the platform helps to:

  • Get a better and faster overview of all locations and people in the database and their status as well as detailed information about the entries.
  • Filter the entries of locations and volunteers based on meaningful criteria, to only view the ones relevant for a certain scenario.
  • Find suitable volunteers for education locations much faster and easier.

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